The Wii

I have always been resistant to getting a video game system. I prefer my kids to be moving around playing. We limit their computer time to an hour a day because of that. I envisioned them sitting playing video games and becoming couch potatoes.

A few weeks ago we decided that getting a Wii sounded like a good idea. Particularly with the addition of a Wii Fit (which we have not bought yet) we figured the kids could have fun and be active and maybe even get a little PE in all at the same time.


So we saved for a few weeks. The kids kicked in their Christmas gift cards to Toys R Us my aunt gave them. They even contributed some of their allowance money to the Wii fund. It took 6 or 7 weeks, but we got our Wii.

And I have been very pleasantly surprised. We only have the Wii Sports game it came with, but we are all having a ball with it. I never realized just how active a video game system could get you to be.


Most surprising of all is that I love it, too. I have a great time playing tennis and bowling. I am surprisingly good at golf. I haven’t tried boxing or baseball yet. For the first couple days I was actually sore from playing with the Wii. It’s an amazingly good workout! I’m really glad we decided to get it and can’t wait to save up enough to get more remotes (so all four of us can play tennis at one time) and the Wii Fit. And maybe another game or two, too.

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