Toddler Prayers

I love how little ones pick up on folding arms and bowing head for prayers. Nearly a year ago Fritz began to do it on his own without always needing to be reminded. Since he can repeat what we say pretty well, he has been added to our regular rotation of saying prayers (we go in order oldest to youngest – skipping Adrian – for simplicity).

We keep Fritz’s prayers very short. Otherwise he’d wander off in the middle. He is so proud of being able to join the family in saying the prayer sometimes, though he does occasionally make us laugh like when he looks at us and says “no” when, clearly, we have prompted him to say something he doesn’t want to or when he says “in a minute” and grabs a bit of the food on his plate in an attempt to quickly eat a little before finishing his prayers.


Even with the occasional not quite right prayer, it has been fun to see him join in with us praying. He’s learning how to do it and before we know it, he’ll be saying them all on his own like his big siblings.

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