Rock Climbing

Ani and Cameron attended a neighbor’s birthday party this evening. It was held at a rock wall climbing place. They got to get in harnesses and climb three sizes of walls. The tallest was at least as tall as our 2 story house! Needless to say, they had a great time. Ani was scared at first, but ended up climbing well. Cameron proved once again he is part monkey with the ease in which he climbed… all the way to the tippy top.








Breathing is really something I take for granted. I do it many times a day without even thinking about it. That is, until it becomes difficult.

On Sunday I noticed that I was breathing very shallowly. It’s not that I couldn’t breathe deeper. I wanted to. It’s just when I did it hurt, so I went back to moving my lungs as little as possible when I breathed.

Last night I discovered that there was very little pain left when I breathed nice and deep so I did a little of that Bradley belly breathing for a while and it felt good. My body was actually getting the oxygen it wanted rather than the minimum it needed.

This morning there is almost no pain associated with breathing and I’m pretty much back to breathing normally all the time. For now I am not taking breathing for granted. I’m sure in a few days, after I am all better, I will. And I think that’s a good thing.

I really don’t like the time change

I’m still not used to the new time. I very much operate on a “when the sun says so” sort of schedule. I know about what I should be doing based on where the sun is at that time. It makes it really hard to adjust to the time change because of that.

On the good side, because the spring time change date was moved a few years ago, this year will be the first time ever that I have a Sunday birthday and get to have a full 24 hours for it.

I soldier!

Family home evening on Monday was about the pre-existence and the war in heaven. We gear our lessons to the older two and wonder if the toddler is absorbing anything.

Apparently he absorbs a lot. In the middle of our discussion, Fritz suddenly piped up, “I soldier! I shout Jesus!”

Observation Skills

I am not observant at all, but I am very impressed with people who have good observation skills. My favorite TV show currently is Psych. Shawn has such great observation skills that he can easily solve mysteries for the Santa Barbara Police Department. My other favorite TV show of all time is Diagnosis Murder. Dr. Sloan is the one with incredible observation skills in that one, routinely and easily solving murders.

On Psych, Shawn’s dad “created” Shawn to be so observant. He trained him to notice anything and everything by, among other things, having Shawn (as a child) close his eyes and answer questions about things around them. Ani and Cameron think that’s a wonderful game and often ask us to play it with them. And of course then Fritz has to play, too. We often play the game at dinner. I doubt they’ll ever have the observation skills of Shawn or Dr. Sloan (a photographic memory helps a lot!), but if they can be just a little more observant than I am (I really think I could witness a crime and never even realize it) that would be awesome.