The Prophet I’d Most Like to Meet

I was asked recently which prophet I’d most like to meet. I chose Harold B. Lee. I enjoyed the lessons in the manual about him the most of all the ones we’ve done so far.

Of the current Quorum of the Twelve/First Presidency, I’d most like to meet Dallin H. Oaks. He has a way of saying what needs to be said in a nice yet firm way. I always enjoy his conference talks.

When can we go back to school?

We have been off from school for the last week preparing to move. We have moved now (yesterday to be exact), but will not be starting school for probably at least another week, giving us time to get settled and everything.

Wednesday Cameron asked me when can we go back to school. The kids miss doing school. I miss doing school. We love the curriculum we use and find school to be mostly fun. So we’re all looking forward to getting back at it as soon as we can!


My little boys are 23 months apart. Adrian is almost 1 and Fritz is almost 3. Fritz wore 2T clothes last summer. Because he has barely grown since 18 months, he is still in 2T this year. Adrian is in 18 month clothes and is starting to outgrow some of them and moving into the same size 2T clothes as Fritz. How long until little brother overtakes big brother? Or, I wonder if Adrian will follow the grow a lot until 18 months and then practically stop pattern, too.

Utopia, and leaving it

Today is our second to last Sunday in our ward. A sister asked us a couple weeks ago why we’d want to leave Utopia. We laughed, but the thing is, our ward is kind of like Utopia.

It’s really like a family. It’s amazing. Jamie and I have spent quite some time talking about what makes this ward so special. We have finally decided that it must be because the ward members act genuinely concerned about the other ward members who are there every Sunday.

It started the first week we arrived after moving. It was later than we had said we would start coming due to a baby that didn’t want to be born on time and an air conditioner that was broken when we tried to move in. A bishopric member said to us “We’re so glad you’re here! We were so worried!” Those warm feelings have continued over our three years here.

We will definitely miss our ward. But we are hoping we’ve learned lessons here that we will be able to take with us to our new ward and create a little bit of Utopia there, too.

As easy as…

Yesterday during school Cameron and I played Simile Shout Out. I gave him some words and he came up with similes using the words. One of the words was easy. Of course the first thing I thought of was “easy as pie.” That is not what Cameron came up with and I started thinking about that saying. How easy is pie anyway?

I mean, it’s easy to EAT pie, but it’s not easy to BAKE a pie. Have you ever tried to bake a pie from scratch? Not easy at all. Yet, we all say things were easy as pie but we don’t clarify what we mean. Yet we know what other people mean when they say it. We don’t think about it.

Cameron said “as easy as hanging up the phone.” Well, yes. Now, that is definitely easy. Provided you have hands. And know which button to press. And…