Baby Swimming

On Monday we had a picnic dinner at the beach. Adrian absolutely loved the water. It was the best giant bathtub he had ever been in because right on the bottom was lot of dirt to play with. A bath and dirt. Two of his favorite things.

Jamie stayed with him while he was in the river, though he never had any problems and even dunked his face in a few times. Eventually Adrian discovered he could hold on to Jamie’s hand and kind of float up on his side. Boy did he love that!

One Year Ago Today…

Our sweet little Adrian was born. He was 12 days late and took a bit of coaxing to actually come out, but he’s been delightful ever since. He was 8 pounds 9 ounces and 20″ long at birth.

In the last year he has learned to roll, then crawl, then walk. He says a few words and is a master parrot. He has a beautiful smile and one dimple just like his Daddy. He is now 25 1/2 pounds and 30 1/2″ long.

Imaginary Food

Fritz spends a lot of time eating and feeding us imaginary food. At first he just talked about what he was eating or giving us. Now he’ll tattle on his siblings if they eat or take his “food.”

The other evening we brushed off a spot on our bed and Fritz was so distressed because we brushed away his “food.” Jamie gave him a new pretend tray and Fritz looked at it and said he didn’t like what was on the “tray.”

A couple days ago he was giving my mom various bits of pretend food and told her to eat it. She pretended to eat and Fritz looked at her with a horrified expression and said “You don’t eat fork! You eat chicken!”

Eating imaginary food occupies him for up to an hour at a time quite regularly. This is totally going to be the child who sits for hours and watches a pretend baseball team play a game in front of him.


My oldest son loves to make pancakes for breakfast. It’s his specialty and he’s quite good at it. I tell him the amounts of each ingredient he needs and he mixes it up and cooks them all by himself. It’s nice having a kid (or two) old enough to make breakfast for everyone.

I thought my baby was losing his belly

Adrian’s been walking quite a while now and is working on learning to run. I noticed last week his big belly was almost gone. I even commented to my mom that all his activity seemed to be slimming him down.

All I can figure is he must have grown longer because he’s been eating a ton, both of solids and breastmilk, and now his belly is back and bigger than ever. Guess his lack of sleep and lots of eating is a growth spurt.

(I’m glad to have his big belly back… it’s so cute!)

Fritz knows what a pretty girl is

Yesterday the sister missionaries serving in our ward came to dinner. One sister is from Thailand, though she’s been in the US most of the time for 5 or 6 years (she graduated from BYU; she is 26 now). She is absolutely beautiful and has just the most pleasant effervescent personality.

Well, Fritz, my little one month from turning 3 years old little guy, clearly thought this sister was pretty. He spent a lot of time showing off which is quite unusual for him. Usually he pretty much ignores visitors.

When the sisters were leaving, she went to shake his hand. He gets confused by handshakes because he is left-handed and wants to use that hand, but we’ve been trying to teach him to use his right hand. So you could see he was trying to figure out which hand to use and instead threw his arms around the sister’s legs, squeezed, and then turned and ran out of the room.

At least he has good taste!

And this is MY fault how?

Ani didn’t quite understand what she was supposed to do on a page in MCP Word Study D. She doesn’t like to take the time to read the directions so I can’t say I am surprised. She finished it (never asked for help) and brought it to me saying she didn’t understand it and I had better not mark any wrong.

I explained to her I had to mark the incorrect ones wrong. I also showed her what she had done wrong and then showed her where she had not done a whole section because she didn’t read the instructions. Then I gave it back to her to fix.

She got mad and said it was all my fault that not only had she done the page wrong, but also that she had somehow misplaced her pen. All I can figure is things are MY fault because I, you know, gave birth to her.

After she calmed down she fixed her mistakes and brought it back to me to check. She had done everything correctly the second time through, but, somehow, it was still my fault she had gotten so many wrong in the first place.


Ani makes no secret about the fact that she doesn’t love cursive. Today we had this conversation:
Ani: Who invented cursive?
Me: I don’t know.
Ani: Well, whoever invented cursive was dumb!

(I wonder if it’s my fault that cursive was invented. Probably.)

A Thought

Society is so strange. We spend so much time behind our computers, TVs, video game consoles, and cell phones isolating ourselves from the world. And then we turn around and flood social networking sites on-line and spend lots of time text messaging. How weird is that?