A little white naked bum… at church

Just getting to church yesterday was bad enough. We left at 11 and it was dark, windy, and rather ominous. I don’t drive in the rain. I was hoping to beat the rain to church. No such luck. For the first half of the trip, there was a little rain, mostly just the sky spitting on us. Then I saw it. I said “There it is!” and we hit the wall of water. It was absolutely pouring. So I slowly continued on my way and managed to make it to church a few minutes early.

I let the older three out at the door (the baby was asleep) and a nice man from the ward met them at the van with an umbrella so they didn’t get too wet. I found a parking space and by the time we got inside Adrian and I were soaked (and Adrian was awake and proceeded to be grumpy from then until 20 minutes before the end of church – which is 3 hours long – when I handed him to my friend’s teenage daughter – a girl I used to baby-sit! – and she held him and got him to sleep).

But all that wasn’t what my title is talking about. Fritz is in the middle of potty training. He wears underwear at home, but a pull-up at night and when we go out, including to church. While Sacrament was being passed he said he needed to go potty and Cameron volunteered to take him. That was my first mistake. Cameron’s got his head on some planet that is not Earth so who knows what might happen when Cameron and thinking things through are necessary.

A few minutes later, here comes Fritz followed by Cameron. Fritz’s pants were not pulled all the way up. His little white bottom was hanging out. As if that wasn’t bad enough, we were sitting in the second row, so as he walked past about half the ward saw him. When he got to me, I easily got his bottom covered with his pants. Apparently his pull-up ripped open on the side and Cameron didn’t think about actually pulling up Fritz’s pants because of this.

So off to the bathroom I went with Fritz to let him sit on the toilet (he wanted to know where the little potties are) and to put a new pull-up on him. Later, so many people laughed about the naked bum incident and many said a similar thing had happened to one of their kids. At least at barely 3 things like that are still cute.

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