Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

This morning we went to see Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. Jamie was off work (he works a compressed schedule) and we thought that would be a fun movie to see. Movies that start before noon at our local theater are $5 per person. Fritz should have been $5 since it’s 2 and up, but when we said he was three so 5 of us needed tickets, the woman at the ticket booth said she wasn’t going to charge for Fritz. That was a nice little bonus for him to get in free.

The movie was very cute. I am impressed with how they took such a short little story and made it into a nearly hour and a half movie. Ani and Cameron really enjoyed it. Fritz was horrified by the mess the food made on the ground, but otherwise liked it. Adrian fell asleep partway through. It was his naptime and even couch potatoes sometimes fall asleep while watching the screen. Jamie and I liked it, too, making it a great choice to see as a family. (Last time we went to the movies we split up because there was no way Ani or I were going to see Wolverine and no way Jamie or Cameron were going to see The Hannah Montana Movie.)

Baptism Time Again

Cameron will be turning 8 in less than two weeks. In our church, turning 8 is exciting because it means it is time to be baptized. Cameron is so excited. He can’t wait to be baptized and become a full member of the Church.

We believe that the first principles and ordinances of the Gospel are: first, Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ; second, Repentance; third, Baptism by immersion for the remission of sins; fourth, Laying on of hands for the gift of the Holy Ghost. (The Fourth Article of Faith)

Cameron has a great faith in Jesus Christ. He knows and loves Him. Cameron knows the steps to repentance, though as he has not reached 8, the age of accountability, he does not have anything he needs to repent of prior to his baptism.

When he was four he said he’d never get baptized. It turned out he was afraid of putting his head under water. He’s gotten over that fear and now can’t wait for his father to dunk him completely under the water so he can be washed completely clean.

Cameron has felt the Spirit before and holds those experiences as very sacred and important to him. He is excited at the knowledge that soon, when his grandfather confirms him a member of the Church, he will also be given the gift of the Holy Ghost to be with him always.

Road Repaving

Over the course of the week the road in front of our house was repaved. It’s been a long time since they repaved our road so this was a special treat for the kids to watch. The workers were very nice and the supervisor was even willing to answer my kids’ questions.

They were very surprised at how hot it was standing at the end of our driving. The supervisor said the asphalt is 300 degrees when it is poured out of the truck! They did two layers of the asphalt.

When they got to the end of our driveway (and all the driveways) they put the asphalt out a few inches and graded it so there would be no sudden drop from road to driveway. Almost all the driveways on our road are dirt and gravel so they don’t meet up with pavement quite exactly. They did a good job at making the transition smooth.





Still no results from the thyroid biopsy (update at bottom)

It’s been three weeks since my biopsy and I still do not have the results. The appointment I was supposed to have to get the results was cancelled because the doctor was going to be out of the office. Now, I do not like the surgeon. At all. She has a very terrible bedside manner. Even if I needed something further done, I would not see her again.

And now she will not give me the results unless I make an appointment, drive an hour each way to get to her office, and have her spend 3 minutes with me again to tell me the results. At a cost of $136 billed to my insurance company and $108.10 as the allowable. No, I don’t think so.

Seriously, the first time I saw her it was for 3 minutes and that’s how much it cost. The office lady tried to convince me yesterday that was the cost because I had a procedure done. Ummmm, no. I had no procedure done that day. I had that done another day and that is an additional nearly $200 allowed by my insurance.

I have never had a doctor who had an “office policy” that they will not give test results over the phone. It seems a little fishy to me that they insist I come in for another hundred dollar appointment to get my results. Like someone is trying to increase their income. After all, if you see 12 patients an hour for 3 minutes each at $100 a pop, that’s $1200 an hour.

So, since the doctor was out of the office yesterday when I called, I left a message asking that she call me to give me the results. I doubt she will, but I will not go down there and pay $108.10 for my results. I already called my insurance company to lodge a complaint about her. I’ll get the results either by having my regular doctor (who, by the way, I could see for almost 3 full 10-15 minute visits for the same cost as a 3 minute one to the surgeon!) request them or I’ll just get a copy of my record.

This is really ridiculous. (And apparently, according to the office lady, I am very rude for insisting that they give me the results without coming in and paying for an appointment. I did offer to come in for an appointment that I would not be charged for, but that idea didn’t fly with her. One interesting thing, though. The office lady seemed annoyed that I have a high deductible health plan and so I keep an eye on costs as the whole amount is going to deductible. I guess people with traditional type insurance just come in, pay their co-pay, and let their insurance company be overcharged. Nice, huh?)

Update: The surgeon called and was perfectly cordial and gave me the result over the phone, no appointment necessary. She will be sending the result to my regular doctor as well.

The biopsy was non-diagnostic which means there weren’t enough thyroid cells aspirated to tell if there is anything going on with my thyroid. The fluid aspirated was blood and typical cells found in a cyst. So it looks like it is definitely “just a cyst” like we figured. Cysts in various places of our bodies seems to run in our family.