Road Repaving

Over the course of the week the road in front of our house was repaved. It’s been a long time since they repaved our road so this was a special treat for the kids to watch. The workers were very nice and the supervisor was even willing to answer my kids’ questions.

They were very surprised at how hot it was standing at the end of our driving. The supervisor said the asphalt is 300 degrees when it is poured out of the truck! They did two layers of the asphalt.

When they got to the end of our driveway (and all the driveways) they put the asphalt out a few inches and graded it so there would be no sudden drop from road to driveway. Almost all the driveways on our road are dirt and gravel so they don’t meet up with pavement quite exactly. They did a good job at making the transition smooth.





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