Oreo Cookie Turkeys

The big kids and I made Oreo Cookie Turkeys to take to my aunt’s house for tomorrow’s Thanksgiving dinner. They were a lot harder than we thought they’d be, but they ended up very cute. We made 18 of the turkeys.

I put together the sets of two cookies and the candy corn tail feathers. Most of the cookies broke, but I pieced them back together with icing.

Ani cut a bit off of the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups to make flat end.

I put the Peanut Butter Cups on the cookies to make turkey bellies.

I added Whoppers to make turkey heads.

Ani cut the yellow part off candy corn.

I put the yellow part of the candy corn on to make turkey feet and the rest of the candy corn on to make turkey wings.

I dabbed on white icing for the eyes and Ani added a dot of black icing for the pupils.

The turkeys were now almost done.

All that was left was the beaks. Cameron cut the white tips off candy corn.

And now the Oreo Cookie Turkeys were done and ready to take tomorrow!

Not perfect, but cute nonetheless.

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