Double Trouble

Fritz has finally grown a little and for the first time since he was 18 months old he no longer fits 2T clothes. At least lengthwise. His waist is still solidly 2T. So while Ani was at Achievement and Cameron was at Scouts Tuesday night, Jamie and I took the little boys to Target to buy Fritz some clothes.

We got tons of clothes for way cheap. Most of their winter stuff was on clearance so we got pants for less than $5 each and shirts for $3 each. Perfect since our boys can’t seem to keep from staining or ripping their clothes within a month of getting them.

Now that Adrian is in 2T and Fritz is in 3, I couldn’t resist getting them a couple matching outfits. I really liked these little pairs of jeans and “Here Comes Trouble” shirts. Ani took this picture. Neither boy was interested in looking at the camera for me or for Ani.

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