First Haircut

Adrian is 17 months old and until yesterday had never had a haircut (unless you count the chunk Fritz cut out a few months ago). His hair was getting pretty long and he was starting to look a little bit like a girl. But I just couldn’t bring myself to actually cut his hair because of the whole he’d have to sit somewhat still thing. Adrian never sits still.

Before church yesterday we were brushing his wild hair and realized just how long it has gotten.

And so it was time to do a quick haircut. He actually did better for it than I expected, but then it only took about 3 minutes and he got to stand on the sink and look in the mirror the whole time.

It turned out cute. It needs more work, but it’s a good start. Rather than take the time to give him a little boy haircut, I just cut off length all around. After 3 minutes he was done with me cutting and ready to look cute for pictures.

The strangest thing is comparing the hair I cut off his head with my hair. It is IDENTICAL. Absolutely no different in color. That is weird. When I was his age I was very, very blond. My hair didn’t get this dark until I was in my 20s.

So now he looks more like a boy and less like a girl now (which is good since Jamie bought him a pink and purple pacifier… I guess to go with the pink and purple spoons he bought Fritz a couple years ago… Jamie just grabs what he needs and doesn’t think about getting boy colors for the boys), but he’ll still look like a baby until I get around to giving him a real little boy haircut.

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