Field Trip! Japanese Restaurant

Cameron’s been learning about Japan for the last few weeks so Jamie and I took him (and only him, no siblings) to a Japanese restaurant for dinner on Thursday. Of course Cameron loved being the only kid the most, but the food was a close second.
Leaving for the restaurant.

We had a pretty good idea where it was. We found it no problem.

Jamie reminded Cameron how to use chopsticks.

We got some excellent sushi. Cameron loves some sushi, but won’t try others. He ate some ebi (the shrimp ones), but wouldn’t touch the sake (the salmon ones).

We got three random things to eat and all shared them. Dream chicken (a sweet and sticky soy sauce-based sauce over chicken), teriyaki salmon (Cameron’s favorite), and vegetable tempura.

Cameron ate everything with chopsticks, including his rice. At first he wasn’t thrilled with learning about Japan, but now he’s totally changed his mind since he has liked what he’s learned and got to have an awesome meal, too.

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