Field Trip to Historic St. Mary’s City

On Tuesday we went to homeschool day at Historic St. Mary’s City in southern MD. It’s been a long time since I last went there. A lot has been added.

The chapel was not built last time I was there. It’s not quite done still, but it is very pretty. They can be pretty sure that this is what it looked like because although there is almost nothing in the way of contemporary descriptions of it, every chapel of its kind from that time everywhere in the world looks pretty much the same.

There are many skeleton buildings around the recreated city. They show where the buildings were and their size. Last time I was down there, pretty much all the structures were skeletons. They are slowly building real buildings in their places.

The kids had a lesson in spinning wool. Cameron was fascinated by it and we even ended up bringing home a drop spindle and come carded wool for him to practice with.

The kids all took a rest on a bed at Farthing’s Ordinary (Hotel). Travelers would share a bed like this.

Ani and I played a game of grace. We tossed a ring back and forth, catching and throwing it with pairs of sticks.

The Maryland Dove replica. The original Dove sailed in 1634.

Ani helped make a print on the printing press. A good printer could print a page every 25-30 seconds.

A Yaocomaco Indian longhouse. The Yaocomacos were a friendly tribe who helped the settlers.

Cameron helped work on a canoe. The Indians would burns the canoe a bit and then scrape it using a seashell.

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