Recycled Notebook

The kids and I went to a Spy Kids meeting today. There they made recycled notebooks. They are so neat and super simple. You need two empty Capri Sun pouches, one Capri Sun straw (pouches and straw need to be washed and dried), paper (can be used on one side), some yarn, thin but sturdy wire with one end bent into a crook, duct tape, and scissors.


Lay the pouches side by side with long edges touching. Tape them both on the inside and outside so they make a book. Fold the paper into quarters with the printing to the inside so you are left with four sides of clean paper. You can use more than one sheet. Just fold them individually and then stack them. You can add or remove sheets after it is finished, too. Trim the paper so it’ll fit inside the pouches. They’ll need about 1/2″ removed. Place paper inside the pouches to make the pages of the book.


Wrap the yarn around the outside and inside and then through the straw. To get the yarn threaded through the straw run the wire through the straw first, hook the yarn with the crook of the wire, and pull it back out. Lay the straw along the inside middle of the book (this keeps it from bending) and tied the yarn on the outside of the pouches. That’s it! Super easy and the kids thought their books were really cool. Fritz immediately used his to hold some of the stickers he was using to decorate his spy gear box.


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