You can call me Pink Yoshi

Fritz is totally into Mario right now. He adores Mario. He loves to watch people play Mario. He loves to attempt to play Mario. He talks about Mario. He “feeds” us magic mushrooms, ice power, and fire power.

For a while he had us call him Mario. He’d still respond to Fritz – usually – but he definitely preferred to be called Mario. My friend uses pseudonyms for her kids: Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Baby Daisy. Her siggy on There’s No Place Like Home has those four characters. Every time Fritz sees it, he gets so excited.

About a week ago, he decided his father was Mario. He doesn’t call him Daddy anymore. It’s always “Mario this” and “Mario that.” He asks me “Where’d Mario go?” when Jamie is at work. Since his father was now Mario, Fritz certainly couldn’t be any longer. And so Fritz became Luigi. He will even correct us when we call him Fritz. He’ll say, “I’m Luigi!”

Eventually he decided I needed to be a character, too. He thought about it and decided I was Pink Yoshi. I’m not sure what that says about what he thinks of me. I’m a horse-like thing that is pink. He cracks me up, though, when he says to me, “Come on, Pink Yoshi! I have Green Yoshi!” (gesturing to an invisible Yoshi that he is pretending to ride on). He’s always trying to get me to eat apples and bad guys he has jumped on because, of course, those are some of Yoshi’s favorite foods.

And, of course, my mother needed to be a character. This one took a little more thought, but he decided she is Princess Peach. The funny thing about that is he refuses to call Princess Peach by her actual name. He insists she is Strawberry Shortcake. So he calls my mom Strawberry Shortcake meaning that she is Princess Peach. Personally, I think my mom got the better character assignment.

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