I have firsthand knowledge that my friend is an excellent cook. She keeps a blog all about what they eat and makes me happy, especially since she sometimes share recipes. As soon as I read about the insanely easy pasta sauce I knew I just had to try it. Boy am I glad I did.


We didn’t have any whole canned tomatoes so I used crushed tomatoes. Considering my weird aversion to chunky pasta sauce that was good with me (I’m slowly getting over my weird aversion to chunky salsa so there might be hope for me getting over the pasta sauce one).

The can of crushed tomatoes was 105 ounces (with 8 people living here, four of whom are adults, we go for the big containers). I put in a stick of butter and four peeled and halved onions. And then I simmered it for nearly an hour.

I felt kind of sorry for the onions after I fished them out. It seemed sad to discard them. The flavor they had added to the sauce was incredible, though.

I made a Greek salad to go along with the pasta and sauce (what made it Greek? black olives and feta cheese of course!). Nothing like incredibly fresh tasting sauce on your pasta and fresh veggies on the side. Totally yummy meal.

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