Coming Full Circle

We started out our homeschooling journey back in 2004 with Calvert School. For various reasons we have decided to return to Calvert once again. Yesterday was Fritz’s first box day when his Calvert Pre-K arrived. He sure was thrilled!

Today we did his first lesson. Ani has decided to be my assistant when I do school with Fritz. Before gathering our supplies for the day I sat down with Ani and we went through the lesson manual to see what was assigned for the day. Then we got started.

We set up a little desk and chair for Fritz. I had planned for him to only use it when he was doing writing activities, but he insisted on sitting at it the whole time.

We showed him all the books and supplies that came in his box and talked about keeping them nice and cleaning them up after each school day. Then we put them in a plastic storage container to keep them safe.

Next Ani read part of Peter Rabbit to Fritz. She only did the beginning and then turned the story over to me because her throat was sore and reading was making it hurt worse.

Then Fritz had rest time. He set out a little blanket Ani and my mom had made and relaxed on it for a few minutes.

After he got up, Ani did a little lesson with Fritz on in and out. She put a block on top of a container and asked him if it was in or out and then put it inside and asked him if it was in or out. Then she let Fritz play with some things she had gathered putting toys in or out of boxes.

Once he finished playing with the toys, I gave him a Kindergarten Fun worksheet and had him select a red and a blue crayon. He underlined the pictures showing something IN with red and underlined the pictures showing something OUT with blue.

Then Fritz got to draw anything he wanted on a piece of manila paper. He chose to draw 9 balls. When he finished his drawing, he put the crayons back in the box and put the box away.

Finally, we all listened to and played Go In and Out the Windows. None of my kids knew that game before today and they all had fun with it.

I’d say Fritz’s first day of Calvert PK was a huge success. We all had lots of fun!

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