The Calvert Pre-K Box

It amazes what awesome stuff comes in the Calvert boxes. Very complete and ready to go. The pre-k box is so fun! Here’s what we got in this wonderful box.


1. School Supply Pencil Box
2. Modeling Clay
3. Two Calvert School Pencils
4. Pencil Sharpener
5. Plastic Needle
6. A bunch of pipe cleaners in 5 colors
7. Watercolor Paints with Brush
8. Yarn
9. 5 each of four colors of unifix cubes
10. 8 Jumbo Crayons

11. Lauri A-Z Puzzle (capital letters)
12. Lauri Fit-a-Space puzzles (52 shapes that go in 16 discs that hold 3-4 shapes each, 3 laces, and an activity guide in a tote)
13. A big bag of buttons in assorted colors and shapes with laces

14. 2 packs of construction paper in assorted colors, 100 sheets each pack
15. 3 packs of manila drawing paper, 50 sheets each pack
16. Pad of blank white drawing paper

17. A pad of oversized newsprint paper
18. Kindergarten Fun oversized activity pages

19. Lesson Manual (it’s huge!)
20. Stories and Poems
21. Favorite Nursery Songs
22. Read-to-Me Storybook

23. Road to Reading Activity Book
24. Path to Math Activity Book
25. Open Eyes
Not pictured is the Nursery Rhyme CD. That was in the CD player when I took the pictures.

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