What Came in Cameron’s Calvert 2 Box

Cameron is very excited about the stuff that came in his Calvert 2 box. Everything is perfectly on his reading level which means he can read his textbooks to himself. That’s something he’s never been able to do before. He is officially “behind” his age mates since we got second grade for him. He would be going into third if he was in public school and if he had been born just a few days earlier, he’d be going into fourth. The fact is, though, he is not ready for third yet because of his reading level. Hopefully the extra time kept at second grade will help him to not be frustrated and to be able to really learn (and to possibly catch up to age-mate level in the future).

We are not using ATS so I decided to get the Calvert Test Series. These do not come in the box. In the box you get the ATS tests. The Calvert Test Series tests are given every 20 lessons like the ATS tests but come with answer keys and are graded at home. I figure they’ll make it very easy to put together the portfolios in the spring and since the kids really want report grades and real grades, these tests make that easy, too.

I got the printed answer keys (laying in front) added to the box. The answer keys are included on-line, but I wanted them printed, too. The rest of these books are manuals. Two thick lesson manuals (each is half the school year), computer skills and applications manual, and the math manual.

school supply box, science supplies, and composition book (the pencils came with the Writing Fun enrichment and I ordered the patches separately just because I wanted them, as well as a couple books about the history of Calvert)

art cards, royalroad device (a reading thingy), Explore Your World II, Calvert Writer with Spelling, and Rhymes and Verses

Calvert Math book, math practice and enrichment workbook, and 50 unifix cubes (10 each in 5 colors)

science activity pages, Science: A Closer Look textbook (Cameron’s especially excited about that), Maps, Globes, Graphs Level B

reading workbook and Houghton Mifflin Reading: Adventures and Delights textbooks and Phonics Library

pack of manila paper (50 pages), 2 pads of lined paper, and a ruler

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