“The Best Day Ever”

Yesterday we had our back to school celebration. Ani declared it the Best Day Ever. I made sure the kids got dressed as soon as they got up and took their picture in front of a “Welcome Back to School” banner I made for them.

I told them to look in their pencil boxes. There they found the first of six clues for a scavenger hunt.

And off they went reading the clues and figuring out where they should go to find the next clue.

They both had a great time looking for their clues.

The sixth clues led them to the surprises they were looking for.

Backpacks filled with school supplies (plus a few fun things)!

I even sewed Calvert School patches onto the backs of their backpacks.

They had fun looking through their backpacks to see what they got.

They were both very happy with their things.

Then they got to look over their school things. Cameron was thrilled with his dry erase board.

And then it was off to breakfast at IHOP. Jamie stayed home from work for the morning (the kids didn’t know he was going to until they got up) so it was the whole family.

The kids all ate very well.

We returned home to another surprise: Cirkis.

We played a couple games before Jamie had to head to work.

A few “back to school” pictures…

…and we’re ready for our new year to start on Monday!

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