Back to School!

Last week we went back to school. Ani doing Calvert 7th grade and Cameron doing Calvert 2nd grade. It was a good week. It looks like Calvert is just what we need and I picked the perfect levels for the kids even though they are not what either of them would be in regular school. We’ve had a great start to the new year!

Ani got up and got dressed really nicely for the first day of school.

Ani had a science experiment. We’ve done it before. It’s the one where you put raisins in a carbonated drink and watch them float up and down on the gas bubbles. Except it didn’t work. She tried it with cold Ginger Ale, warm Ginger Ale, and seltzer water. The difference between this time and the previous time we did it is I got golden raisins this time instead of black ones. There were a couple stray black ones in the box and those did float up. So that was a very surprising result. Comparing the golden raisins to the black ones, the reason seemed pretty clear. The golden ones were at least twice the size of the black ones. The bubbles just weren’t strong enough to lift them up.

Ani’s in heaven with all her textbooks.

Cameron really likes using his whiteboard. Instead of using letter cards to put together words like the curriculum says to, he writes them on his little whiteboard.

Sometimes Ani actually wears her glasses like she’s supposed to when she’s reading. Adrian thinks it’s great fun to sit on her when she’s on the floor.

Cameron did a choral retelling of a story he read this week, Dragon Gets By. He was supposed to write a script and memorize it and then perform it, but Cameron has a lot of trouble memorizing. Instead, we went over the summary of the story he had written earlier in the week and talked about what he would do for his performance. And then he just did it. He retold the story extremely well, particularly considering he was just going from memory.

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