Fritz’s Prize

Fritz used a pacifier from the time he was a newborn until he voluntarily gave it up at 9 months. He totally refused it. Then at 23 months his little brother was born and Fritz started stealing the pacifier and two years later he was 4 years old and still using a pacifier in the car and at night. We figured we’d take the pacifier either when Adrian quit using one or when Fritz turned 5, whichever came first.

But then Adrian lost his pacifier at Six Flags a couple weeks ago. That meant we were down to three. They seem to grow legs easily and most of the 3,942 we’ve bought over the last few years had disappeared. We found one, but the other two were nowhere to be found.

So we told Fritz that basically he was out of pacifier luck. It was time to stop using the pacifier (amusingly, the next day I discovered one of the missing pacifiers right on the shelf where we keep them). He was okay with not having one for about 3.6 seconds. I told him he could have a big boy sticker in the morning if he slept without a pacifier (hey, it works for staying in his own bed all night). Nope.

Then Jamie had a brilliant idea.

If there’s one person Fritz loves more than anything else, it’s Mario. He loves to play Super Mario Brothers (we have the first and third of the originals on WiiWare and he’s surprisingly good at playing). And he’s been wanting Super Mario Brothers Wii for quite some time. We’ve rented it with free rental coupons from Blockbuster a few times and Fritz just loves that game.

And so Jamie told him if he went a few days without using a pacifier at all he could have Super Mario Brothers Wii.

It worked! Fritz immediately grinned and said “Good night!” and turned over and went to sleep without a pacifier for the first time in over two years. The next day he informed my parents that he no longer needs a pacifier because he’s a big boy and Adrian still uses a pacifier because he is a little boy. He hasn’t touched a pacifier to his mouth since.

I ordered the game from Amazon and it arrived yesterday.

The look on his face when he saw what was in the box was priceless.


He’s been having fun playing it quite a bit since it arrived.

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