Cameron’s Whiteboard

Calvert 2 has daily activities that use phonics letter cards. Sonlight language arts 1 also used letter cards and Cameron hated using them and I hated keeping track of them and getting the right ones out each time. Because of that experience, I knew that I didn’t want to use letter cards again. That left me trying to figure out what to use instead.


I ended up getting a small, cheap dry erase board at Staples. Cameron’s whiteboard has worked wonderfully and has turned out to be extra useful.The lessons also often direct me to write words and sentences on paper. Instead of using paper which will almost immediately be thrown away, I write on the whiteboard.



For activities where Cameron would have needed to assemble the letter cards into words, I have him just write the words on the whiteboard. It works great and has been the perfect addition to our homeschooling materials!


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