Science Experiments

Three science experiments Ani has done over the last few weeks as part of her Calvert 7…

We put oil on her hands and then sprinkled cinnamon all over them. The cinnamon represented bacteria.

First she tried washing the cinnamon off using plain cold water. Then she tried plain hot water. Then she tried hot water plus soap.

The cinnamon came off the best using hot water and soap. This demonstrated the best way to get rid of bacteria on your hands. Ani didn’t like doing this experiment because the oil and cinnamon on her hands felt really gross to her.

Another experiment she did involved making a model to demonstrate algae growth in a pond. We made lots of green paper punches to represent the algae. Then she set up a shallow dish of water to represent a pond.

She added a spoonful paper punches to represent the first growth of algae.

Then she added two spoonfuls of paper punches to represent the second growth of algae.

And, finally, she added four spoonfuls of paper punches to represent the third growth of algae.

Through this model she could see visually how quickly algae grows since each generation doubled the amount of algae she added to the pond.

The third experiment she did was another model, this time of fungus and how spores are spread. She pulled apart cotton balls into 5-6 pieces and stuffed the pieces into a balloon.

I blew up the balloon for her and tied it off. Then she attached it to a ruler and stood the fungus model up on the floor using a bit of clay.

Then she poked the balloon with a pin and watched the cotton ball spores fly out from the fungus balloon.

She learned from this fungus/spore model just how easily spores spread through the air when a fungus bursts open.

Ani has really enjoyed the science part of Calvert 7. She’s learned a lot and these three experiments have been very helpful.

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