Another Lesson Learned

This time by Cameron.

Jamie bought 100 feet of rope a couple weeks ago and gave it to the kids. Cameron has been inventing with it ever since. One of those inventions didn’t quite go as planned.

Cameron made an elevator using the rope and a cinder block. I think the cinder block was at one end of a piece of rope and Cameron would use the other end of the rope to be lowered down from his treehouse (I’m not totally clear on how it worked because, as with most dangerous things Cameron does, I go with “I’m just not going to look”).

Well, one day last week Cameron showed his elevator to Jamie and it didn’t work out as planned. The cinder block collided with Cameron’s leg. The result was rather yucky looking.

Cameron, however, only had one thing to say about it: “Thanks for the rope, Daddy!” He wasn’t upset by his injury in the least. And he learned that it is best for the rope to go over more than one branch from now on so as to keep the cinder block a bit farther from his leg.

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