Cameron’s First Report Card

Since we’re using Calvert, we’ve decided to give the kids grades and report cards. I never realized just how excited getting his first ever report card would make Cameron.

He finished his 40th lesson Friday which is 1/4 of the way through Calvert 2. That meant it was first quarter report card time. Cameron has worked so very hard to do his lessons well. His hard work definitely paid off in his grades.

He got all A’s and one B (and 83% in technology). He got 100% in art, poetry, and social studies. In math he got 97%, in composition 93%, in reading 91%, in religion 96%, in science 98%, and in spelling 92%.

I am most impressed by that spelling grade. Spelling words correctly is not easy for him. He’s put quite a lot of effort into that subject. We’re quite proud of our Cameron, and, more importantly, he’s quite proud of himself.

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