A New Laptop

We now have three new laptops at our house. Mine is purple, Ani’s is red, and Cameron’s is sky blue. Ani and I got ours a couple months ago. After a little while we realized it would be best if Cameron got one, too.

It took a month for it to arrive. We kept it a secret that we had ordered it. He’s been making a good case for needing it for school for several weeks. It’s been fun telling him he doesn’t really need it knowing he had one coming. Cameron realized what a box that said Dell was likely to contain as soon as it arrived.

He was so excited. And then we opened it and was so incredibly happy to see that it was his favorite color, sky blue.

His happiness and excitement just kept increasing every time he thought about how he now had his very own laptop.

He loves his laptop and it is definitely useful for school. He was very correct in all his arguments in favor of us getting a laptop for him. I’m really glad we kept it a secret while waiting for it to arrive. The excitement on his face was totally worth it!

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