The Election

I often wonder why I majored in nursing instead of political science. I finished the one poli sci college class I took with 116%. I couldn’t resist doing all the extra credit offered. I love politics. I love learning how things work from Washington down to the local level and watching what our politicians do.

I also happen to strongly dislike my representative in the House, Steny Hoyer. And, so, we did a little campaigning and a lot of supporting of his opponent this election cycle, Charles Lollar.

The night of the election we went to an elections return party given by Charles. We hoped it would be a victory party, but, unfortunately, in this blue, blue state it is very hard for a Republican to get elected even if the Democrat has overstayed his welcome (I was 3 when Hoyer entered the House of Representatives).

However, there was good news. Charles was the first Republican to win two of the full counties in our district in 18 years and one of the partial counties in 14 years. He lost my county (which elected every Democrat on the ballot as usual) and the gerrymandered portion of another county. In the end, he did better than any other Republican since 2000. For the first time I can remember Hoyer actually did some campaigning in our district rather than just expecting to be reelected. We are impressed with Charles in so many ways and look forward to moving back to the rallying point and working with him again in 2012. (And, if nothing else good happened last Tuesday night, Hoyer will no longer be the House Majority Leader since his party lost the majority.)

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