Tennesse Vacation, Part 1

We spent a week in Gatlinburg TN. It was a wonderful vacation. We had a lot of fun and definitely want to go back down there.

Our vacation started with taking the big kids to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. We got to the movie theater about 10:30 pm. We sat with some friends. They had made glasses out of pipe cleaners. We drew lightning bolt scars on each other.

At midnight we led the people in the theater in singing happy birthday to Jamie (35) and our friend (19). And then, at 12:01 am, the movie began. It was totally awesome and we all enjoyed it a lot. We were headed back home at 2:39 am.

We got home, finished loading up the van, and the six of us were on our way about 3:15 am. We arrived at the resort at 12:30. Check-in isn’t until 4, so the kids played on the playground for a while. At 3 they told us our room was ready.

On Saturday my friend and her family came over. We had a great time with them (so much so we spent Thursday at their house).

Ani totally fell in love with my friend’s littlest.

Four of our littles! Two of my friend’s boys and my Adrian and Fritz.

My Cameron and my friend’s oldest got along fabulously. I have no idea what they were talking about here, but surely it was important stuff!

My friend and I are usually the ones behind the cameras, but sometimes we end up in front.

The view from our suite was gorgeous. We love mountains (when you are from near sea level the Appalachian foothills are definitely mountains!).

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