Tennessee Vacation, Part 3

One of the more memorable, though definitely not fun, things we did on vacation was go up and then down a mountain. We like to drive around and explore. Sometimes we find really neat things. I wouldn’t say the mountain we went up was especially neat, but it was memorable because we were all sure we were going to fall off the edge and die.

There were very, very few guardrails and most of them were crumbling or broken. The road itself was relatively well-maintained. The view was gorgeous. This is, it was gorgeous if I got up the courage to look. Going up wasn’t horrible. We were next to the up side of the mountain. Then we got to a sign that said the pavement was about to end. And, sure enough, it did. We went another mile or so on the dirt road and then turned around and went back down the mountain. That part was terrifying. The side of the road ended in by going straight down the side of the mountain. It was crazy.

Afterwards, we went to a little ice cream parlor and the lady said that when we reached the dirt road, we were in North Carolina. Both states agreed to make a paved road around this mountain. Tennessee held up their end of the bargain, North Carolina did not. If we had continued a couple more miles we would have gotten to a paved road and then on to I-40 a few miles later.

We went to the pool many times. The resort had a nice indoor pool that was 93 degrees so it was more like a giant bathtub than a pool. Ian took the big kids to it every day we were there except the day we arrived and the day we left. The little boys and I went with them two or three times. Jamie took Fritz along with the big kids one other time.



Fritz has always been very hesitant to go swimming. Because of his allergies, he always has a mild rash on his legs and the pool water hurts him. His allergies were so incredibly much better in Tennessee and so he was fine in the pool. He made some incredible strides at getting braver in the water. He especially liked moving along the edges holding on to the side. The couple times he slipped and fell under the water didn’t bother him at all.

One day was kind of dreary and rainy. Honestly, that’s my favorite time to see the mountains. We got some of the best pictures of the Blue Ridge while on vacation there last year on a drizzly day. Likewise, we got some of the best pictures of the Smokies smoking on the drizzly day this time.

On Thursday, we went to Smoky Mountain National Park. We collected lots of river rocks.

We saw some beautiful scenery.

Adrian loved the tunnels we went through.

There were some small waterfalls scattered around. Jamie likes climbing all over the rocks. He makes me so nervous.

As we came out of the Park going toward Pigeon Forge it was really neat to see the crazy, bustling downtown Gatlinburg appear down in the valley.

One the way home we passed through the Blue Ridge. I just love the farmland with all the green grass and cows with the mountains in the distance behind them.

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