Tennessee Vacation, Part 4

Last Tuesday we went to WonderWorks in Pigeon Forge. It’s like a science center sort of place that is totally hands on and super fun. Once again, being homeschoolers with our Calvert School IDs came in handy. We called ahead of time and told them when we’d be coming and they gave us a super discount. Instead of paying $25.75 for me and Jamie and $14.50 for three of the four kids (Adrian’s free), we paid $10 for four of us and $14.50 for the fifth. Unfortunately the space section was closed when we were there. I guess that means we’ll just have to go back some day. It was a really neat place.

The outside of the building looks like it’s landed in it’s place upside-down. The hole you go through to go inside looks like a broken spot and there’s steam and groaning and creaking sounds as you go into the door.

The ceiling on the inside looks like the floor of a grand place. All through the place the ceiling looks like it was broken when the building landed on the ground.

The first thing you do is go through an inversion tunnel. It’s crazy. You are on a bridge thing that stays perfectly still, but the tube around you is spinning and has lights and it’s dark so you feel like you are moving. It’s hard to walk through without falling against the railing.

We got to experience what a 6.0 earthquake feels like in the Earthquake Cafe.

We got to experience the wind of a hurricane (actually it was only 65 mph so it was tropical storm strength).

The big kids climbed a rock wall.

We all got to pitch in a simulated baseball game. It told us how fast our pitches were (the big kids and I were in the high 20s and Jamie was in the 30s mph). No one managed to get a strike or hit.

We took turns laying on a bed of nails.

We played in the bubble area. Fritz was fascinated making giant bubbles.

Jamie managed to get a bubble around Ani.

The big kids got to go on a ride that flipped them all around as they watched a screen with a roller coaster ride displayed.

The art/optical illusion area was fascinating. My favorite part was these jumbled mess of metal looking things. When you turned on a light the shadow was a picture. Those were just amazing.

So that’s our vacation to Tennessee. We loved it down there. We’ll most definitely be going back some time.

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