Fun Stuff Cameron’s Been Doing in School

Cameron has had a few fun projects recently in Calvert 2. I really like how Calvert provides a few, but not too many, fun activities to reinforce what they are learning.

One day in science he learned about the layers of the Earth. He was instructed to use three colors of Play-Doh to show the crust, mantle, and core.

Then he cut it in half to show the layers inside. Unfortunately he used orange for the mantle and red for the core so it’s hard to see.

Another day, in social studies, he learned about relief maps. Again he used the Play-Doh to create a relief map of his fantasy island. Typical Cameron, he chose to make it very tiny. He likes to make and draw tiny things.

He learned about three-dimensional objects. His art assignment was to use trash to make a 3-D building. This is what he came up with.

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