Kindergarten Box Day

Fritz is so excited about moving up to kindergarten. Being a kindergartner has been the second deepest desire of his heart for quite some time now (the absolute deepest desire of his heart currently is to be five years old, but he’ll have to wait until July for that one). He was almost as excited as I was when he finished preschool and I ordered kindergarten.

But then it was a mess getting it to us. Calvert was fast as usual. I ordered kindergarten Tuesday afternoon, they entered it into the system Wednesday, and shipped the box Thursday. Since Calvert is only a couple hours away delivery was set for Friday. But, as usual, FedEx screwed up (4th time in 10 months… out of 6 deliveries).

They left the package up there instead of bringing it on the truck down here. And then when it got to the local depot Saturday morning they put it on a truck and revised the delivery date to Monday. They were going to let it just sit on the truck all weekend. I was not okay with that especially since it was already a day later than they initially said it would be delivered.

Jamie went to the FedEx place and they went and got it off the truck and handed it to him across the counter. They claimed it would have been delivered today, not Monday like the website tracking thingy said. I don’t believe them since I have found it is very common for FedEx employees to lie when they make mistakes and the delivery trucks for the day had already left by the time Ian got there. So Ian got to play box man and brought home Fritz’s box.

After that initial glitch of actually getting the box into our house, Fritz’s kindergarten box day was fabulous! He was so incredibly excited.

He was so happy to help me go through everything. I was excited to see a lot of the things that we got in Ani’s kindergarten box back in 2004 (it’s been revised and expanded since then so there is so incredibly much more to Calvert Kindergarten now).

Adrian was pretty excited about Fritz’s box, too. He’s still not quite sure why his siblings get these box days and he doesn’t yet.

There is seriously a lot of awesome stuff in Calvert Kindergarten. I can’t wait to get started with it in January!

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