Inside the Calvert Kindergarten Box

I am just blown away by all that came in the Calvert Kindergarten box. Many of the things are the same as they were back in 2004, but there is just so much more now! He even gets his own access to Brain Pop Junior. We love those videos and games.

Manuals: Teacher Aids (including the sliders I loved so much the first time we used Calvert K), Computer Skills and Applications Manual, Lesson Manual Parts A and B, Math Manual

Poems and Prose, Science Activity Pages, Letters and Words

pad of newsprint (12×18), two sheets of tagboard (12×18), pad of paper, 2 packages of manila paper, 2 packages of construction paper, 2 packages of blank index cards

Math Textbook, Math Practice and Enrichment Workbook, connecting cubes

Word and Picture Books, Phonics Library, Reading Practice Book volumes 1 and 2

10 early phonics story books (I loved these last time we did kindergarten)

20 little big books

10 read aloud storybooks

supply box, modeling clay (we won’t be using that and instead will use Play-Doh; I really don’t like the Crayola modeling clay), blue yarn, Music Break CD volumes 1 and 2, crayons, pipe cleaners, 2 packages of magnets, watercolor paint set, 2 pencils, pencil sharpener, paper fasteners, ruler

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