The Fish Bottle

After my grandmother died I was asked if there was anything I wanted. The only thing I could thing of was the fish bottle. My parents gave the fish bottle to my grandfather many years ago. It’s still sealed, though quite a bit of the wine (I think it was white originally!) has evaporated.

The reason I wanted it is because my siblings and I used to play bar whenever we went to my grandparents’ house. They had a bar in the basement of their house (even though they were not drinkers – it was more to display their neat bottles – like the fish bottle – than anything else). They always kept water, lemon and lime squeezies, dixie cups, and pads of paper and pens down there. We spent a lot of time taking orders from each other and “mixing drinks.” We’d pretend to get stuff out of the bottles and then add water and lemon and lime to the cups.

When my grandparents moved away from that house, they took some of the more interesting bottles with them. The fish bottle was one of them. And so, because of the lovely memories associated with it, it is the only thing I really wanted. It sits in my corner cabinet (which originally belonged to my other grandmother). I smile every time I see it.

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