Calvert Grade 3 – What’s in the Box

Cameron will be finishing second grade in three or four weeks. We had planned to get his third grade stuff in early March. We were absolutely thrilled when we found out Calvert was having a 30% off sale this month. Perfect timing. We ordered a few days earlier than we had planned and saved over $300!

The Calvert grade 3 boxes arrived yesterday. I am so excited for the new “year” (we’ll be moving right on after he finishes second). I just love all the stuff that Calvert provides. So nice and complete and such a great education.

The first two pictures are things not included as part of the third grade set. I order them separately.

Discoveries in Reading III includes: activity guide, crayons, poster, and fifteen books (Blaze and the Forest Fire; Abigail’s Drum; Los Ojos del Tejedor— The Eyes of the Weaver; Century Farm—One Hundred Years on a Family Farm; Mouse Soup; Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters—An African Tale; In Good Hands; The Josefina Story Quilt; Balto and the Great Race; Amelia Earhart—Pioneer in the Sky; Stealing Home; How the Stars Fell into the Sky—A Navajo Legend; We the People; The Story of Money; Three Days on a River in a Red Canoe)

Calvert Test Series for the core and math, printed answer keys for the core and math (you can get pdfs of the answer keys on-line, but I just prefer them pre-printed and bound for me)

And now for what’s in the Calvert 3 box. (Not pictured are the ATS tests which we don’t use since we don’t do the ATS and the paperwork and instructions that come with every grade.)

Lots of supplies! A pencil box, two tiny lightbulbs, a few things for science that I can’t identify, a balance, a spring scale, a hand lens, a composition book, a ruler, a pool of wire, connecting cubes, bar magnets, three thermometers, a pack of manila paper, and three pads of white paper.

Math lesson manual, math practice and enrichment workbook, and Calvert Math textbook (write-in)

lesson manual parts A and B, computer skills and applications manual

Famous Americans stories and worksheets, Gods of Greece, Let’s Read a Poem

Activity Pages (science, spelling, composition, etc.), Reading Word Cards, Reading Work Pages

Science textbook, Communities social studies textbook, Maps, Globes, and Graphs Level C, Critical Thinking Level C

two Houghton-Mifflin Reading textbooks (3.1 – Rewards and 3.2 – Horizons), Everyday Spelling, Reading Library, and Phonics Level C

Smiling Hill Farm and Tales From Far and Near/Tales of Long Ago

The Westing Game

I first read The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin when I was in fourth grade. My gifted and talented teacher assigned it. I absolutely loved the book. Over the years I’ve reread it many times and even though I know the answer, I still enjoy it.

I decided it would be fun to read it again. It’s been 7 or 8 years since the last time. I also thought it would be neat to share a book I loved so much with my daughter. So I went to reserve it at the library and was surprised to discover it was made into a movie a few years ago. I put it on hold right away and today we watched it.

There are a lot of differences between the movie and the book, but the movie was still excellent. It’s a sweet movie with nothing objectionable (Feature Films for Families and Hallmark so of course it is). It held the big kids attention (and mine, too). I knew the plot and what would happen, but that kind of made it better for me.

Now I can’t wait to pick the book up (it’s waiting for me at the library) so I can read it again and to see how Ani likes it, too. She usually hates books I love, but I think this one might be different, especially since she enjoyed the movie. The book is even better!

Jamie’s Favorites at 35

What’s your favorite color? blue
Favorite TV show? Beyond 2000
Favorite movie? Batman
Favorite person? My Darling Wife (he said it kind of sarcastically, so…)
Favorite place? a woodland stream
Favorite veggie? carrots
Favorite thing to eat for dinner? pork with creamy peppercorn sauce and mashed potatoes
Favorite breakfast food? bagel with cream cheese and jelly
Favorite fruit? Asian pear
Favorite dessert/treat? apple crumble a la mode
Favorite snack? salt and vinegar Pringles
Favorite place to eat out/restaurant? Bonefish
Favorite animal? kangaroo mouse
Favorite toy? iPhone
Favorite book? Ringworld
Favorite letter? Z
Favorite number? i

Ani is 11

Eleven years ago today at 4:54 am my first baby was born. Ani weighed 6 pounds 11 ounces and was 19 1/2″ long. Today she’s a beautiful 11 year old!

In the past, Jamie has taken off work on our kids’ birthdays. This year he took Ani to work with him. Her favorite part of that? Cameron has to do school today and she doesn’t!

Random Kid-isms (Mostly Adrian-isms)

Adrian, as we went from the house to the car when it was 21 degrees out: “It’s cold in here. My coat’s not working!”

Cameron, explaining to Ani why he wanted to go to Pizza Hut for dinner: “I’m a man! I love pizza!”

Adrian, as we left Burlington Coat Factory: “Good-bye Target!”

Adrian, looking outside and seeing that it was snowing: “It’s Christmas!”

Heather’s Favorites at 32

What’s your favorite color? purple
Favorite TV show? Psych
Favorite movie? Newsies
Favorite person? My best friend
Favorite place? vacation
Favorite veggie? red peppers
Favorite thing to eat for dinner? salad (particularly from a salad bar)
Favorite breakfast food? eggs
Favorite fruit? raspberries
Favorite dessert/treat? my aunt’s whipped cream
Favorite snack? popcorn
Favorite place to eat out/restaurant? Ruby Tuesday
Favorite animal? koala bear
Favorite toy? my Sony eReader
Favorite book? The Westing Game
Favorite letter? H
Favorite number? 4

Cameron’s CAT Scores

When we lived in Virginia we used the CAT-E Survey to prove progress to the county. Cameron never took one because we moved to Maryland before he had to. In Maryland we do a portfolio. I decided that I wanted to give my kids the CAT-E Survey anyway just because. I decided to give the test once they finish lesson 100. Cameron hit that point a couple weeks ago.

He took the test over the course of a few days, one or two sections per day. It’s amazing how much he has progressed in one year. This time last year he was barely a first grade reading level. He wasn’t near second grade level. Calvert’s slow and steady instruction has helped him come so far. He is solidly at a 3/4 through second grade level now.

His scores were wonderful. I am just so proud of him. He has worked so hard to get to the point where he is. He got (in percentiles):
Vocabulary – 90
Comprehension – 79
Language Mechanics – 61
Language Expression – 68
Math Computation – 72
Math Concept & Application – 94
Total Reading – 87
Total Language – 66
Total Math – 92
Overall Composite – 88th percentile!


Ani learned about tessellations in lesson 57 of Calvert 7. First I sent her upstairs to look at the quilt I made for her several years ago. It’s a tessellation of fish.

Then it was her turn to make a paper tessellation. First, she cut out a 4″x4″ piece of posterboard.

Then, she drew a design on one side from top to bottom corner and cut along the line she made. She taped the cut off piece to the other side of the square.

Next, she did the same thing, this time along the bottom from left to right corner.

After that, she traced her template over and over in a tessellation on her paper.

Finally, she used colored pencils to color in her tessellation.

And ended up with a very lovely picture!

Adrian’s Favorites at 2 1/2

What’s your favorite color? green
Favorite TV show? Little Einsteins
Favorite movie? Little Einsteins
Favorite person? Ani
Favorite place? Mickey Mouse’s clubhouse
Favorite veggie? carrots
Favorite thing to eat for dinner? bread
Favorite breakfast food? cereal and milk
Favorite fruit? grapes
Favorite dessert/treat? ice cream
Favorite snack? granola bars
Favorite place to eat out/restaurant? none
Favorite animal? pig
Favorite toy? Legos
Favorite book? Itsy Bitsy Spider
Favorite letter? A
Favorite number? 8

Much better!

Ani’s scores on her first set of Calvert tests were below what I knew she could do. Since then she has gotten out of the “school is easy and I don’t need to pay attention” way of thinking she was used to and gotten into the “must work hard and really learn this stuff” way of thinking required by Calvert.

Her second set of tests went much better. She only did poorly in art history and got mostly B’s and a couple A’s in everything else. She has continued to switch her way of thinking to working hard at really learning over the last few weeks.

Last week she took her third set of Calvert Tests. Three B’s and four A’s (including a couple subjects where she only got one question wrong). Her test scores definitely reflected her regular school work. Her B is grammar, for example, was an 87%. One more correct and she would have had an A. She tends to get high B’s and low A’s in her regular grammar work.

I am quite relieved that she is finally getting how an academic curriculum, one that is definitely not too easy for her as the three years previous to switching to Calvert were, requires effort and she can no longer just glide through without trying. It has really not been an easy switch, but I think this education will serve her well throughout her life.