Cameron’s CAT Scores

When we lived in Virginia we used the CAT-E Survey to prove progress to the county. Cameron never took one because we moved to Maryland before he had to. In Maryland we do a portfolio. I decided that I wanted to give my kids the CAT-E Survey anyway just because. I decided to give the test once they finish lesson 100. Cameron hit that point a couple weeks ago.

He took the test over the course of a few days, one or two sections per day. It’s amazing how much he has progressed in one year. This time last year he was barely a first grade reading level. He wasn’t near second grade level. Calvert’s slow and steady instruction has helped him come so far. He is solidly at a 3/4 through second grade level now.

His scores were wonderful. I am just so proud of him. He has worked so hard to get to the point where he is. He got (in percentiles):
Vocabulary – 90
Comprehension – 79
Language Mechanics – 61
Language Expression – 68
Math Computation – 72
Math Concept & Application – 94
Total Reading – 87
Total Language – 66
Total Math – 92
Overall Composite – 88th percentile!

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