Calvert Grade 3 – What’s in the Box

Cameron will be finishing second grade in three or four weeks. We had planned to get his third grade stuff in early March. We were absolutely thrilled when we found out Calvert was having a 30% off sale this month. Perfect timing. We ordered a few days earlier than we had planned and saved over $300!

The Calvert grade 3 boxes arrived yesterday. I am so excited for the new “year” (we’ll be moving right on after he finishes second). I just love all the stuff that Calvert provides. So nice and complete and such a great education.

The first two pictures are things not included as part of the third grade set. I order them separately.

Discoveries in Reading III includes: activity guide, crayons, poster, and fifteen books (Blaze and the Forest Fire; Abigail’s Drum; Los Ojos del Tejedor— The Eyes of the Weaver; Century Farm—One Hundred Years on a Family Farm; Mouse Soup; Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters—An African Tale; In Good Hands; The Josefina Story Quilt; Balto and the Great Race; Amelia Earhart—Pioneer in the Sky; Stealing Home; How the Stars Fell into the Sky—A Navajo Legend; We the People; The Story of Money; Three Days on a River in a Red Canoe)

Calvert Test Series for the core and math, printed answer keys for the core and math (you can get pdfs of the answer keys on-line, but I just prefer them pre-printed and bound for me)

And now for what’s in the Calvert 3 box. (Not pictured are the ATS tests which we don’t use since we don’t do the ATS and the paperwork and instructions that come with every grade.)

Lots of supplies! A pencil box, two tiny lightbulbs, a few things for science that I can’t identify, a balance, a spring scale, a hand lens, a composition book, a ruler, a pool of wire, connecting cubes, bar magnets, three thermometers, a pack of manila paper, and three pads of white paper.

Math lesson manual, math practice and enrichment workbook, and Calvert Math textbook (write-in)

lesson manual parts A and B, computer skills and applications manual

Famous Americans stories and worksheets, Gods of Greece, Let’s Read a Poem

Activity Pages (science, spelling, composition, etc.), Reading Word Cards, Reading Work Pages

Science textbook, Communities social studies textbook, Maps, Globes, and Graphs Level C, Critical Thinking Level C

two Houghton-Mifflin Reading textbooks (3.1 – Rewards and 3.2 – Horizons), Everyday Spelling, Reading Library, and Phonics Level C

Smiling Hill Farm and Tales From Far and Near/Tales of Long Ago

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