Portfolio Review

This morning we had our annual portfolio review. The reviewer had nothing but good things to say about the curriculum we use. He said Calvert is a grade level and a half above the public schools in our county. He liked looking through the portfolios I made. He thought it was a great idea to make them into keepsakes for the kids.


Starting next year we can do our reviews by phone. He trusts that we’re doing a good job homeschooling based on the laws in our state and since we’re using Calvert they know we’re using an excellent curriculum. Before we left they took our picture with the reviewer for the alternative school’s yearbook. The really crazy thing is Fritz is now added to our list of students we are homeschooling. They have to be registered here the year they are 5 by September. Next school year we’ll have Ani in 8th grade, Cameron in 3rd and 4th grade (he’ll move up sometime during the school year), and Fritz in 1st grade. Adrian will be doing preschool, but of course he’ll be below the age for reviews for another two years.

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