Double Box Day

Yesterday we had a double box day. Adrian’s pre-k and Fritz’s first grade arrived in the afternoon. All four children are officially Calvert kids now.

The boys happily helped pull everything out of the boxes. There was a LOT in the first grade box!

The pre-k box wasn’t nearly as exciting for me because it was just over a year ago we got all that stuff for Fritz. Adrian, however, was thrilled! He kept asking if these things were his now. He was always so jealous of Fritz’s pre-k stuff.

So the pre-k box…

big pad of paper, Kindergarten Fun, small pad of paper, 3 packs of 9×12 manila paper, 2 packs of construction paper

lesson manual, Favorite Nursery Songs, Stories and Poems, Road to Reading, Path to Math, Open Eyes, Read-to-Me Storybook

Lauri alphabet puzzle, Lauri Fit-a-Space puzzle, shape/color buttons, Favorite Nursery Songs CD, white yarn, watercolors with paintbrush, 2 pencils, pencil sharpener, plastic needle, pipe cleaners, package of 8 jumbo crayons, 5 each of four colors of connecting cubes, modeling clay (which will be given to a friend and replaced with Play-Doh – I cannot stand the texture and feeling of that modeling clay!), pencil box

And the first grade box…

big pad of paper, pack of manila paper, pack of construction paper, pad of lined paper

lesson manuals A, B, and C (much to my delight, they have combined the technology lesson manual into the regular manuals; the core manuals have been split into three now instead of two; I’m so happy to no longer have to juggle the technology manual that is used only occasionally)

math manual, Calvert Math, Practice and Enrichment Workbook

set of 5 Houghton Mifflin reading books: Here We Go!, Let’s Be Friends, Surprises, Treasures, and Wonders

Phonics Library, Stories and Longer Verses, Red Robin, Fly Up!

Reading Work Pages, Reading Word Cards, Calvert Speller, Writing Fun

Science: A Closer Look, Explore Your World I, Maps Globes Graphs Level 1, Activity Pages

pencil box, bar magnets, ruler, 2 packs of index cards, two pencils, pencil sharpener, hand lens, three thermometers, 10 each of five colors of connecting cubes

The ATS tests are automatically included in every Calvert box. We choose not to use the ATS so I got the Calvert Test Series for both math and core. The 20th lesson of first grade will be the first time Fritz takes a test. The on-line portal lets me access the answer keys in pdf form. I have found I prefer to have a printed copy, so I got the printed math and core answer keys as well.I didn’t order Discoveries in Reading I. We’ve used VIIa and b, II, and are currently using III, but for the cost I just don’t think it’s quite worth it for the activity book you get. Instead I’m just going to order the books (because I love the book choices!) and read them as they come up in the lesson manuals.

We’ll be starting pre-k and first grade on Monday, August 8th. I know pre-k will be super fun. It looks like first grade is going to be totally awesome, too!

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