Beach Boys Concert

Jamie and I went to see The Beach Boys perform on Sunday. I really love their music and the concerts are great fun (we went to see them two years ago as well). The only original member that tours is Mike Love. Bruce Johnston (who joined The Beach Boys full time in 1965) tours with him. As soon as they come out on stage the beach balls start being batted around.


Mike Love is 70 years old now and he still has some incredible energy. He’s funny, too. When they come out on stage they play a set of six songs that flow from one to the next without stopping. After that, Mike Love said that people who have seen them perform before know that after that set they like to take an intermission followed by a short nap and that’s what we get for coming to see a used up rocker band. Before the actual intermission he made a comment that they were going to take a break and ice themselves down (August in the DC area equals hot and humid). He was wearing a yellow shirt and perfectly matching yellow shoes.


They lowered a gigantic American flag during Surfing USA. That always gets a great reaction from the audience. It certainly got the attention of the drunk and high guy behind us.


Bruce Johnston has a beautiful voice. It’s clearly older and more mature than it was when he was in his 20s (he’s 69!), but it is still strong and nice to listen to. He sang lead on a couple songs including God Only Knows which he dedicated to Carl Wilson. He had a lot of fun, too. He ran around a bit and even conducted the audience in singing some songs.