Once a Month Cooking, All Done

Once all the cooking is done, I stand back and admire the freezers for a little while. It is a truly wonderful thing to have 30 meals ready and waiting in the freezer.


Keeping the kitchen cleaned up while cooking makes it easy to leave the kitchen shining and clean when you are all done.

Most mornings we bring something up from the freezer to thaw. A few recipes don’t need to be thawed and a few go in the crockpot in the morning so they need to be pulled out the night before. Choosing one of those requires a little advance planning. Finishing the meals for dinner usually just takes a little while (often a side dish needs to be added, too) and we’re ready to eat. This is great because by the end of the day, especially if school took longer than usual, I’m tired.

To keep track of the meals we have waiting to be eaten, I print out a list of them. As time goes on and we eat them, we cross them out. This helps us both to know when it’s getting to be time to do another round of once a month cooking and to make sure we don’t forget about anything that’s waiting to be eaten.

Once a month cooking takes some concentrated time and is a bit painful for my feet, but it’s totally worth the time savings every day. I do a lot of recipes at once, but there are people that do just a few meals at a time. Some even just double or triple freezable meals when they make it for dinner and put the extra in the freezer for later. No matter how you do it, I totally recommend once a month cooking!

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