Once a Month Cooking, The Actual Cooking Part

I pick a type of meat and get to work. I have learned that doing the chicken recipes first is best. I hate raw chicken. It feels disgusting and has all sorts of nasty things to cut off. If I wait until last to do the chicken, I dread it the whole time. It’s much better to just get it over with.

I chop lots of vegetables. If several recipes need one type of veggie, it’s best to do all of that vegetable at once. I portion out the vegetables based on recipe into baggies. If I’m not going to use it right away it goes into the refrigerator for later.

The refrigerator ends up quite packed for a day or two (and then the freezer is stuffed!).

I spread the cooking over two or three days. Things like bacon or onions that are in multiple recipes get cooked all at the same time.

Keeping the kitchen clean while cooking is very important. We’re constantly washing dishes and straightening up while cooking.

Some meals get completely cooked and so are heat and eat while others are only prepped so the actual cook time is super short. Some meals get portioned into disposable pans. I get them in packs of thirty at Costco. One fits a meal for a family of 8 perfectly.

Others get put into freezer bags. Most meals fit in one bag, some need two or three.

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