New Pets

The kids decided they really, really wanted parakeets. We told them we’d look at yard sales for cages and if we found one we could get the birds. On Saturday Jamie and I found a really awesome cage ($25 – a similar one sells for $259 new!) and so we got our budgies.

Mickey is our blue one. He’s a little bit skittish and very loud.

Goofy is our green one. He was quite a bit smaller than Mickey when we got them, but he’s been fattening up fast! He flies all over the place and acts crazy, but he’s a lot quieter than Mickey.

It’s a lot of fun to watch and listen to them. They definitely have set routines. In the morning we take the cover off the cage and they stretch their wings for a while. They eat a lot in the morning soon after waking up. Then they start to sing. They sing all morning. They are much quieter throughout the afternoon. They eat a whole lot again in the evening. We cover them up again before we go to bed and they stay nice and quiet all night long. They sing a little in the afternoon and evening and eat a little throughout the day, but they definitely have times of the day where they do those things a lot. We’re trying to teach them to say hello right now. Maybe it’ll work.

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