Ani’s Fable

Ani’s writing assignment today was to write a fable. She has never liked fables. She didn’t really want to write one. And so this is what she wrote:

Once, a twelve-year-old girl sat down for school and was forced to write a fable. She thought about it for a long time and found an idea. When she wrote the fable it turned out horribly.

Moral: Don’t force people to write fables.

History Boy

Yesterday Adrian and I went to Harpers Ferry National Historical Park. I learned two things. One, people think an almost 4 year old wearing a Burger King crown is extremely cute. Two, Adrian loves museums.


He wanted me to read the information on signs to him and to tell him what everything was. He enjoyed watching all the videos and obviously paid attention. About halfway through the day I unfolded the map and he pointed at a picture and happily exclaimed, “That’s John Brown!”