Roller Skating

When I was a kid there was a roller skating rink near us that I went to many times. That skating rink is still in the same place, but is half the size it used to be (it shares the building with a furniture store now). It’s also open only a few hours a week. A few weeks ago we joined a tween girls homeschool group and one of the activities was to go roller skating, not at the rink by us, but at a rink in the next county over.

The kids had never roller skated, but they were excited about trying. I didn’t skate (but they allowed me to go on the rink in my regular shoes to help the little boys skate around). Ian decided he’d try it. Like me, he hadn’t skated since he was a teenager. Everyone did surprisingly well. Cameron, especially, caught on very fast.

After an hour and a half or so Ani fell down and decided she was ready to be done. Fritz sat down on the floor and wouldn’t budge until we removed his skates. We could barely get Cameron to leave the rink.


The rental skates are just as gross as they were 20 years ago. Actually, I think they might be the exact same skates as 20 years ago. Ani and Cameron are planning to go skating regularly (Ani and another 12 year old really hit it off and the other girl already goes skating every Saturday) and since it’s $2.50 to rent them each time at that place ($2 or $1 depending on the day at the place closer to us), I figured it would make sense to just buy them roller skate. They’ll pay for themselves in about a dozen times. (Plus they look way nicer than the old rental skates.)


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