Not Back to School at Build-a-Bear

Since the local school kids started school yesterday, we had the day off. In March, Fritz went to a birthday party at Build-a-Bear and when he got home, Ani and Cameron fell in love with his bear and so we decided that we would celebrate Not Back to School at Build-a-Bear. Ani’s in Florida right now with my parents and aunt so it was just me and the boys. We promised her that she’ll get her bear when she gets back in a few weeks.

Fritz brought along the bear he already had. Cameron picked a black bear and Adrian chose a camo bear.

The two new bears got stuffed.

Adrian went through the heart ceremony. Cameron declined and just stuck the heart directly into his bear.

The bears, including Fritz’s, got air baths.

The boys picked clothes for their bears (complete outfit for Fritz’s and just shirts for the other two boys’ bears) and then we went to Ruby Tuesday for lunch before running some errands and heading home.

Meet Lloyd, Junior, and Pierre the Bear!

5 thoughts on “Not Back to School at Build-a-Bear

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