Faster Than a Calculator

Fritz loves math.  Last spring he was able to meet Art Benjamin, the Mathemagician.  Fritz was so excited watching Mr. Benjamin’s performance.  Sometimes he says he wants to be a Mathemagician when he grows up, too.

Recently, Fritz has been working on taking notes and using time order words and pronouns correctly and mixing up pronouns and the nouns they refer to in his writing.  This week he had an assignment to pick a person, do research on them and take notes, and then write a short biography about the person.  Fritz chose Art Benjamin.

Faster Than a Calculator

Arthur T. Benjamin is so amazing at math that people call him the Mathemagician. In 1983, he got his BS from Carnegie-Mellon University in Applied Mathematics. Two years later, he got his MSE in Mathematical Sciences from Johns Hopkins University. In 1989, Mr. Benjamin got his PhD from Johns Hopkins University in Mathematical Sciences. Today, he is a math professor at Harvey Mudd College in California.

Art Benjamin was born on March 19, 1961. He loved math and made up tricks to answer hard problems in his head. Besides math, he likes attending theater, playing competitive backgammon, and performing magic. In 1997, Mr. Benjamin won the American Backgammon Tour. He loves to race calculators and he usually wins. Art Benjamin is an awesome math genius.