Ani and Adrian’s CAT-E Survey Test Results

Ani – 9th Grade
Subject # Correct Percentile Stanine Perform. Level
Vocabulary 19/20 90th 8 High
Comprehension 15/20 52nd 5 Average
Language Mechanics 20/20 99th 9 Highest
Language Expression 17/20 78th 7 Well Above Average
Math Computation 14/20 52nd 5 Average
Math Concepts & Application 17/20 82nd 7 Well Above Average
Reading Total 34/40 82nd 7 Well Above Average
Language Total 37/40 96th 9 Highest
Mathematics Total 31/40 70th 6 Slightly Above Av.
Composite Score 89th


Adrian – Kindergarten
Subject # Correct Percentile Stanine Perform. Level
Visual Recognition 21/24 41st 5 Average
Sound Recognition 17/20 77th 6 Slightly Above Av.
Vocabulary 19/20 63rd 6 Slightly Above Av.
Comprehension 19/22 56th 5 Average
Language Expression 19/20 52nd 5 Average
Math Concepts & Application 16/20 46th 5 Average
Reading Total 38/42 56th 5 Average

Three of the Kids’ CAT Results

For reasons I will explain in detail later, we gave the three older children the CAT full battery this year. Ani took the 8th grade CAT (she also took the 9th grade CAT-E Survey, but we don’t have the results yet), Cameron took the 5th grade CAT, and Fritz took the 2nd grade CAT.

Percentile means they did better than that many same grade level kids taking the same test (out of 100; for example, 90th percentile means they did better than 90 out of every 100 kids). Stanines give a quick look at their relative scores. 1, 2, 3 are below average, 4, 5, 6 are average, and 7, 8, 9 are above average compared to same grade level kids. The grade equivalent means they did the same as the average student of the given grade level taking the *same test* they took. The first number (before the decimal point) is grade and the second number (after the decimal point) is the month of that grade year. PHS means post high school.


Ani – 8th Grade
Subject # Correct Percentile Stanine Grade Equiv.
Vocabulary 37/40 97th 9 PHS
Comprehension 46/50 93rd 8 PHS
Spelling 25/30 75th 6 11.1
Language Mechanics 33/36 96th 9 PHS
Language Expression 44/48 94th 8 PHS
Math Computation 40/44 93rd 8 PHS
Math Concepts and Application 39/50 88th 7 PHS
Study Skills 26/30 74th 6 12.8
Science 37/40 99th 9 PHS
Social Studies 35/40 88th 7 PHS
Total Battery 96th 9 PHS


Cameron – 5th Grade
Subject # Correct Percentile Stanine Grade Equiv.
Vocabulary 34/40 94th 8 10.9
Comprehension 48/50 97th 9 12.0
Spelling 8/30 3rd 1 2.2
Language Mechanics 23/36 41st 5 4.5
Language Expression 29/48 44th 5 5.2
Math Computation 21/44 20th 3 4.6
Math Concepts and Application 26/50 41st 5 5.3
Study Skills 17/30 44th 5 5.4
Science 35/40 95th 8 11.7
Social Studies 27/40 66th 6 7.3
Total Battery 66th 6 6.5


Fritz – 2nd Grade
Subject # Correct Percentile Stanine Grade Equiv.
Word Analysis 30/30 99th 9
Vocabulary 31/32 98th 9 6.7
Comprehension 38/38 99th 9 12.5
Spelling 18/28 43rd 5 2.4
Language Mechanics 25/28 88th 7 5.6
Language Expression 32/35 80th 7 5.2
Math Computation 30/30 99th 9 5.0
Math Concepts and Application 39/42 92nd 8 5.5
Science 23/25 98th 9 7.5
Social Studies 24/25 97th 9 10.4
Total Battery 98th 9 6.5


We are absolutely thrilled by all of their results. We learned that while Calvert is generally phenomenal, their spelling is a bit behind. Fritz had exactly four words from his spelling tests through 2nd grade on his test. The other 24 words were all harder words. We also confirmed what we already knew about Cameron. He is very consistent. Back when he was tested for dyslexia two years ago, he was quite advanced in his vocabulary and comprehension and he still is and his spelling was way behind, and still is. We all got a good laugh over his spelling result, but it is so totally accurate. (Cameron did not use Calvert spelling. He used Sequential Spelling modified, but his result would be that low regardless of what spelling curriculum he used.)

My Little Guys

On Sunday the primary kids sang I Often Go Walking in Sacrament Meeting. They finished and the whole room was completely silent. Some of the women were wiping there eyes. And then my Fritz says ever so sweetly “Did we do perfect?”

We’re getting ready to move halfway across the country so we had a PODS delivered last week. Adrian isn’t so sure about this whole move thing. He told us that the PODS is a lot smaller than our house here. We assured him that our house in Texas is bigger than our house in Maryland. He watched while we moved some furniture out to the PODS. He told us he didn’t want to move. I asked why and he said, “Because this house has such beautiful windows.” That’s when my mom realized that Adrian thinks the PODS is our new house!

And one more Adrian funny. This morning he sneezed. I told him to get a tissue to wipe his nose. He started to get up, but stopped and said “My shirt is kind of like a tissue!” If you say so, kid.