One registered for public school

We moved most of the way across the country recently. Before we moved, Ani learned about a magnet school that has a major in creative writing. Of course she wanted to go.

We debated it a lot and ultimately decided to let her apply. She had to have her application package in before we even left on our trek west. She had to include a portfolio of at least 10 examples of her writing (she submitted a bunch of poetry examples, so she had 15 or 16 total pieces in her portfolio). She had to include three copies of her portfolio put together in a way that would encourage someone to want to open it. Then she needed a resume, report card, transcript, application form, counselor recommendation form (I could do that one), and teacher recommendation form (she asked the director and got permission to have our bishop fill out that form). We also sent a copy of her 8th grade CAT results.

A couple weeks after we got here she auditioned. At the audition she had to do a free writing assignment and have an interview. She brought up the fact that she should, by age, be entering 8th grade (the magnet school is in a high school). They didn’t seem to think that was an issue, particularly given her excellent test scores.

Two days later we received a phone call. She got in! A few days after that we went to the high school to get her registered. The counselor didn’t mention her age at all. Between her test scores (which kind of prove she actually did school at home) and the fact that her writing samples and interview got her into the magnet school, officially skipping a grade just isn’t an issue. The counselor looked at her test scores and said she should sign up for pre-AP courses for three classes (English, world geography, biology). She’s doing Algebra I again because she is really not confident in math. She will be taking two creative writing classes (poetry for the first year). That left one class to choose from. She needs to take a year of PE, a half year of health, and two (or three) years of the same foreign language. She chose to fill her last space with French.

Add in seminary and travel time from the zoned high school to the high school where the magnet is located (they provide a shuttle bus), and she’ll be going from 6am to 5pm. It should be quite an interesting experience for all of us. She did feel more comfortable about the whole thing when the counselor mentioned that they have had several previously homeschooled kids start 9th grade at the school and they’ve all been very nervous at first, but have done just great and have had no problems and she is sure Ani will be the same (I must say, that was nice to hear from someone in education since so often you just hear horror stories).